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Rubber Piss Gag

Rubber Piss Gag

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All rubber piss gag with a 2 inch outside diameter (1.25 inner diameter) tube. This is a nice gag for initial toilet training. The rubber tube is easier to bite down on in case the toilet has a problem with retching or gagging. With this gag installed they will have no alternative but to face facts and accept the waste. 
All skin safe silicone rubber is used in this gag so it is far more durable than latex rubber gags. A stiffener is embedded in the tube so toilets mouth stays open. A double D ring closure was chosen for a few reasons. One - this closure makes the piss gag infinitely adjustable as compared to a buckle closure. Two - a buckle closure can be somewhat less durable since the perforations necessary in the strap do tend to weaken it in a rubber gag. The piss gag thickness in the strap and mouth covering is a full eighth inch, so this piss gag is super heavy duty. 
This piss gag was a long time in development to get it right, we think you will be really happy with it.

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