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Pear Gag

Pear Gag

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The Pear Gag - sometimes called The Pear of Anguish.

This is a recreation in solid lead free bronze with a steel square thread screw. Because of the nature of the Pear Gag and the strong leverage it is capable of exerting we must emphasize that this is sold as an art piece/historical recreation. It is not intended in any way to be used for its original purpose: as a torture device, inserted in the victims throat and cranked open.

We have no idea if this device ever actually existed as we have never seen one from a source of certifiable historical accuracy. What we have seen is various pictures, including the recreation that was commissioned by the Insex website. From those sources we have endeavored to proportion the dimensions of our Pear Gag to be as close to those as possible. To our knowledge this is the only lever type Pear Gag currently in production. Each one involves quite a bit of time as each is individually cast using the lost wax process. It's a painstaking and involved process, but it does mean that each Pear Gag is individually crafted by hand.


Total length closed - 10.5 inches
Length of bills - 5 inches
Closed diameter at widest point - 2.125 inches
Open diameter at widest point - 4.25 inches
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