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Nose Hook

Nose Hook

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Nose hooks were typically found in Japanese bondage shots but now are becoming more common. The two hooks at the end go into the nostriles and a cord is run from the loop at the top over the head and fastened behind, generally to the back of a collar. Tightening the cord pulls the nose back resulting in the upturned piggy nose look which can be very humiliating. It also is functional, if the nose hook is used on someone in a doggy position, the mouth is now forced into correct presentation mode as the head cannot be turned downward. A hasp type collar (see related items below) works well with a nose hook as the hasp tab makes a good anchor point in back for running a cord up to the nose hook.

We make these nose hooks from stainless steel and they are polished to a high finish. The overall length of the nose hook is approximately two inches.

The nose hooks are built to last and being stainless steel are easy to clean and can be thrown in the dishwasher if need be.

Here piggy piggy piggy... open up and oink.....

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