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Heavy Duty Thigh To Wrist Cuffs

Heavy Duty Thigh To Wrist Cuffs

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When we say heavy duty we mean it with these thigh to wrist cuffs. The massive thigh cuffs are very erotic at three inches width. Very thick leather gives a super solid feeling of security without a lot of wiggle room. These are definitely for imparting a severe feeling of restraint. The wrist cuffs are permanently attached with swivels (see detail picture). The thigh cuffs have two added D rings, the wrists one added D ring for additional bondage as you feel is necessary. Both thigh and wrist cuffs are hasp closure style (we do not provide locks as most already have their own preference on those). Unlined solid riveted construction.

Thigh cuffs fit 18 to 25 inch circumference and are 3 inches wide

Wrist cuffs fit 6 inches to 8 and a half inches circumference and are 2 inches wide.

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