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Butt Plug with Threaded Stub

Butt Plug with Threaded Stub

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Customers really like our Stainless Steel Super Pony Plug. However there were plenty of calls asking for a bigger butt plug. We thought about doing that in stainless as well, the concern was that such a butt plug would get way too expensive and start being really heavy. We wanted something simpler, more affordable and way more comfortable to wear in the larger sizes. This is one of those things that came out way better than we thought. Its based on a standard medium or large size butt plug. Cast into the base if a threaded stub. Onto the stub in the base of the butt plug you can screw on any of our accessories. So, if you have one of our horse tail, dog tail or anal jewelry attachments, this will work with it. The other nice thing about this anal plug is that the oblong base now means you no longer need the ass crack attachment (see our super pony plug) to keep the tail oriented in the right direction. The plugs are made oblong so the plug is very slightly wider left to right than it is front to back. This helps with really locking the butt plug into position for puppy or horse tail orientation. We are really happy with how this one came out, we think you will be as well. You are ordering just the plug here, tail and jewel cap acceories are sold seperatly.

For tails and jewel caps see related products below.

Dimensions (in inches)
Length base to tip not including threaded stud - Medium and Large butt plugs 5.5
Diameter at neck - Medium 1, Large 1.375
Diameter at widest inserted point - Medium 1.875, Large 2.5
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