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Anal Dilator Set Clear

Anal Dilator Set Clear

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This anal dilator set is really perfect for someone engaged in anal training. If there anus is being trained to be to be used for fucking the smaller three sizes are perfect. Over a period of time the wearer will be stretched open enough to accept use without large amounts of lube. The larger two anal dilators will open the asshole quite wide. For fisting, this might be a nice first step. The two large dilators will also tend to induce a nice post fuck gape in the asshole for those that value that sort of anal training. You might have noticed our set is transparent. This was no small endeavor on our part but we felt the effort has been worth it. The added benefit of being able to really see up into someone while they were anal stretching was something we felt should be given a high priority. With lube, these anal dilators become as clear as glass. Dimensions below.

Note, the pictures do not show the threaded inserts now molded into the base that enable our anal dilators to be used with the dilator harness. All dilators now have inserts so you can use them with our anal dilator harness shown below in the related items section.



All Dimensions are nominal and are in inches. Dilators are numbered from one to five with number one being the smallest, five the largest in the set.

Number Overall Length Outside Diameter at head Outside Diameter at shaft Outside Diameter at base flange Bore Diameter Inseerted length
5 5.25 2 1.6 2.5 1.18 4.5
4 5 1.75 1.4 2.5 1 4.25
3 4.5 1.5 1.2 2.3 0.9 4
2 4.125 1.25 1 2 0.65 3.5
1 3.5 1 0.8 1.5 0.5 3
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