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Tripple Ripple Butt Plug

Tripple Ripple Butt Plug

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These are perhaps the rudest style of butt plug available. Going in, the wearer will have to feel their anus snap over the three ridges, one at a time before the plug is fully seated. There is nothing subtle about it, no slow stretch and then its in, they feel this one every step of the way. On removal the triple ripple butt plug is equally foul. Its not quick, their ass hole still has to ride over every ridge on the way out. Great for anal dilation if your involved in a heavy stretching situation.

Medium (on right) - 5" long, 1.5" at base, 1.75" at widest point.

Large (on left) - 6" long, 2" at base, 2.375" at widest point

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