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Graduated Anal Dilator

Graduated Anal Dilator

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For anal dilation, probably the most extensive gradual set of dilators you can find. Sized from one inch shaft diameter and then increasing in diameter every eigth of an inch up to three and three quarter inches. This way you can start off nice and easy and work up to that really big gape you might be aspiring to. 

Overall length on all dilators is about 5 3/8 inches with an inserted length of about 4 1/2 inches. We wanted to really avoid going to a longer insertion length as diameter went up in order to keep increasing in diameter as easy as possible for the wearer. 

Even better, these dilators feature a slot in the base for a harness (sold separately, see related products below) making this a really complete system!

Save 25% if you buy any six or more. 

Made of certified skin safe silicone, in all black, these are a really quality dilator. 

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